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While Brown | An Introduction

While Brown | An Introduction

You have probably gathered from either the title of this post, my name, or the way I look that I am Indian. Not Native American "Indian," rather "my parents were born in India" Indian. I also have black hair, brown eyes, brown skin and enjoy long walks on the beach. So, what?

Well, I'm an Indian who was born in America.

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While I never was able to escape the “where are you from” back and forth, I was more focused on figuring out my identity. I grew up around both Indian and American culture and the differences still continue to intrigue me. This series, “While Brown,” will explore those differences and the whole concept of growing up while brown from my viewpoint*.

I will be exploring topics ranging from trying to explain to your non-brown friends why you can’t hangout after 6 p.m. to dating and everything in between. Stay tuned on Wednesdays for installments of [Insert Topic Here] | While Brown.

*As much as I don’t want to, I would like to insert a disclaimer here that these are just going to be my or my guest writers’ experiences & thoughts and by no means a representation of the whole Indian community.

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