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5 Services Invented for Lazy People

As a self-proclaimed lazy person (well I have been called lazy before but that's not relevant right now), I think "lazy" people have a bad reputation. Being lazy doesn't necessarily mean you aren't productive. In fact, it actually forces you to think more creatively on how to accomplish tasks more efficiently.

“I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because he will find an easy way to do it.”
— Bill Gates

This creativity has led to the following five brilliant services invented for us lazy folk who know the value of efficiency and convenience. 

1) Grocery Pick-Up

What: Almost every grocery store nowadays has an option for grocery pick-up. I utilized Walmart Grocery Pickup for the first time in 2018 and it was glorious. There wasn't a fee for picking up PLUS they loaded the groceries into my car for me. Yes, you read that right. I didn't even have to get out of my car! 

How it Works: Each store may differ a little, but the basic idea is you go to the website of the grocery story, make a grocery list by adding the products you want to your cart, pay and then someone will get those groceries for you. So, all you have to do is go and pick them up!

Note: Some stores might even DELIVER the groceries to you. Unfortunately, I live out in the boonies so no one delivers anything to us, but if you live near a grocery store it's definitely worth looking into.

2) On Demand Parking

What: I personally have not utilized this, but it sounds brilliant. There's an app called Luxe where you can request a valet who will not only find a parking spot for your car but also bring it back to you when you need it. As a person who gets stressed out about finding parking in downtown locations, this would be a lifesaver!

How it Works: First you give a drop off location where the valet will come and pick up your car. They'll go park it in one of their lots and even wash or put gas in it for you if you request it. Then, when you're ready to get your car back, you just let them know where you are and they'll bring it back to you.

Note: As of January 2018, they currently only provide services in San Francisco, Chicago and New York. However, you can request them to come to your city.

3) Smile Direct Club

What: Of all the things you could do at home, who knew that one day you'd be able to straighten your teeth from home?! Yes, this company helps you straighten your smile using invisible aligners on your own time, in your own space.

How it Works: You go to the Smile Direct Club website and first you have to order an impression kit to make molds of your teeth (you can use my link to get 50% off) so they can see if you're eligible. Once you find out you're eligible, you choose your payment plan (which is ridiculously cheap compared to Invisalign or braces), they make your aligners, ship them to you and then you get started on your treatment!

Note: This takes time. I officially started the process on January 15 and should be done around July! Stay tuned for a post with more on my progress and thoughts. (: 

4) Alcohol Delivery

What: This one's for the 21+ crowd. Yes, you can even get alcohol delivered now through an app called Thirstie. You can get alcohol delivered, find cocktail recipes, get expert recommendations or even send a gift. I have not utilized this service (yet), however, I can see this becoming quite useful.

How it Works: Thirstie partners with local retailers to give you various options of wine, beer or spirits. You pick if you want to order premium or on-demand, select your bottles, place your order and they'll deliver it to you!

Note: There is a delivery minimum. Also, Thirstie currently only has on-demand services in Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, New York City, San Diego, San Francisco and Toronto. They are looking at expanding, however, you can type in your address on their website and see if they'll deliver to you.

5) Food Delivery

What: Back in the day, I remember the only places that were really known for delivery were pizza places. Now, you can utilize food delivery services like Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates, etc. to deliver food from almost any local restaurant right to your doorstep.

How it Works: You go on one of the delivery service apps that's in your area, put in your address, find a restaurant you like, place your order and then wait for them to deliver!

Note: Most of these services have delivery fees and have delivery minimums so it's better to use this if you're doing a group order. Or you can just treat yourself to that cookie. (;

It is a little scary how convenient things are becoming, however, I'm not complaining! As with all things, everything in moderation. Just make sure you get some fresh air and that Vitamin D occasionally!

- M