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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

In my mind, December 1st is synonymous to the holiday season, so my mind is currently bubbling over with excitement! The holidays are my absolute favorite time of the year because of the amazing atmosphere and cheer all around. I also absolutely love giving gifts. There's just something about seeing people's reactions when you work really hard to think of the perfect gift for them. (:

Although I love giving gifts, it's not the easiest task, so I thought I'd try to help some of you out there who are trying to find the perfect gifts for people you're close to! This will be the first of two installments of my "Ultimate Gift-Giving Guide" series. 

Coat season is upon us and you can't go wrong with getting someone you care about a nice coat. With help from FarFetch.com's roundup of the definitive coats of the season, I've put together a few outfits for all of the coat lovers out there. Hopefully it'll give you some inspiration as to which coat would make a perfect gift!


What | The Military Cape

Description | Commanding, smart, strong, confident, quiet

Outfit Ideas | Created using Polyvore

Trend Report

New Wave


What | The English Lady

Description | Proper, modern, clean, neutral, lady-like

Outfit Ideas | Created using Polyvore

Cool Party

Who's that girl?


What | The Ankle Grazer

Description | Showstopper, attitude, mysterious, down-to-business, sleek

Outfit Ideas | Created using Polyvore


Lively & Amazing

To check out more awesome coat options, visit farfetch.com! My favorite coat would have to be the the ankle grazer because you can wear whatever you want with it! ;D Stay tuned next week for the second installation of the Ultimate Gift-Giving Guide and happy December 1st!

What's your favorite coat? Let me know in the comments below!

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