Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Blogging is not easy. I mean, I've been blogging just as a hobby for two years now and it's been kind of stressful, mostly because you don't want to let down your readers. (Okay that felt weird typing because I still don't understand how I have readers...) But, ever since joining the blogging world way back in 2013, I've learned to appreciate the little things that come along with blogging. Well they're not really "little" things but it just sounds better than "Super Awesome Blogger Things." (-;

It can be a bit overwhelming when you're always thinking about content, page views, how to market your posts, and all that nitty gritty stuff, so I thought I'd do a post focusing on the "little" things that make blogging that much better!

The number of genuine friendships I've made through blogging is unbelievable. And it's not just like we talked once and that was it. We actually keep up conversations on Twitter, check up on each other's blogs, etc. Like how cool is it getting to know someone who you probably would never have met if the internet did not exist or if you didn't blog. o;

Having friends in the blogging community has really made a difference in my blogging and has really made blogging even more enjoyable for me. Like I already love to write, but add in a bunch of people who also enjoy writing...does it get much better than that?!

Those friendships didn't just appear out of thin air though. I met almost all of my blogger friends through blogging-related Twitter chats! I'm fairly new to the Twitter chat world, my first Twitter chat was #USBloggerChat created by Chelsea | Chowing Down by the Bay and Natalie | Natillie.

These chats aren't just great for making friends but you also learn a lot about what's going on in the blogging world, how other bloggers are adapting to these changes, and you may even have a chance to get some tips on specific blogging-related subjects like photography, design, and much more!

I've actually compiled a list of Twitter chats in a post called "Ultimate Guide to Twitter Chats." I highly recommend participating in at least one Twitter chat. They're fun, you get to meet new bloggers, and learn something new all within an hour! (:

[I swear I didn't have a game going to see how many times I could say "Twitter chats" in this section, but if you were keeping count it totals to 6 times.]

Receiving comments on posts is just one of those things that you don't really expect but it feels so awesome when you receive even one...ya know, just one of those little blogger things. (-;

All jokes aside though, when I get comments on my posts it makes me feel good. It makes me feel like people are actually enjoying what I write and are taking out time from their daily lives to leave a comment...like how cool is that?!

Yeah receiving comments is awesome, but leaving comments is also pretty fun for me. After reading a post, it's really cool to be able to add your input and create a conversation with the blogger. It's like you get to be a part of the post too, ya know?

I don't know, it may seem like a tiny part of blogging but it just makes me feel so happy. Even if the comments aren't always positive, it shows that the person cares enough to take out time to read your post and leave a thoughtful comment.

So, you've read through a few little blogger things I enjoy, now, I want to challenge YOU to think of at least one "little blogger thing" that you enjoy. You can comment below or tweet at me (@simplymblog) with your #LittleBloggerThings. Are you up for it? (;

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  1. I agree, the comments are so lovely to read. If I read and enjoy a blog post now, I always try and comment as I know that when you've wrote a post you've worked hard on, it feels so good to receive positive comments on it...

    Also, regarding to Twitter chats, I just took part in my second ever one, the FBL one, that's how I found your blog. I will definitely have to try and make the time to join in on more!

    Great post.


  2. My favorite thing about blogging is having a place to share my knowledge and express myself. I really don't have many friends that are interested in what I am so having a place to bring those parts of me out makes me feel whole. It's also a great motivator because I often share my goals and dreams on my blog, I know that I have to keep working on my dreams if people are expecting me too.

    I wish I had more time for Twitter chats, especially the Thursday ones. Something just always gets in the way.

    Kindness is the best accessory,
    Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

  3. Yeah, I totally agree! Comments are definitely a perk to blogging. (-:

    Oh neat! Lol, it can be tough to make it to chats but once you join in it's totally worth it! Thanks for stopping by Samio! :D

    Lots of Love,

  4. That's amazing Rebecca! It's so neat to see how blogging affects different people in different ways and how much of an impact it can make.

    Twitter chats can be hard to make but if you can make just one it makes such a world of difference! If you can't make Twitter chats though there are plenty of ways to keep in contact with other bloggers.

    That's the awesome part about blogging: the possibilities are endless! :D

    Thanks for all your amazing comments Rebecca! (:

    Lots of Love,