The Liebster Award!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I recently had the amazing honor of being tagged for the Liebster award. This is my first blogger award so I don't have a speech prepared but I'd like to thank all the little people who were here from the beginning. (; LOL, jokes. There are no little people, only great people that I've had the amazing opportunity to meet through blogging. <3

So...I was kind of procrastinating doing this post and now when I'm getting around to it I ended up getting tagged four times...FOUR TIMES! o; That's still hard for me to comprehend...but while I sit here and try to understand this, you should check out the blogs of the three lovely ladies who tagged me: Madison | Maddy Kake, Rebekah | Rebekah Koontz SiteBrittany | Living in June, and Sam | Sister Beauty Dupe

Done visiting their blogs? That was quick! Well, I'm still comprehending, but I guess I should get on with the post. (; The rules that come with the award include:

1) Thank and link the person who nominated you.
2) Answer the questions given by the nominator.
3) Nominate 11 small blogs (under 200 followers) who you think deserve this award.
4) Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer.
5) Notify nominees via social media/blogs.

Since I was nominated four times, and I don't want to bore you my answers to 44 questions, I've decided to alternate questions. Maybe I'll do a different post answering all the questions because I feel kinda bad that they put in all this effort and I'm not even answering them. o; Yes, I shall do a follow-up post answering the rest of the questions. (:

So, being the indecisive human I am, I just put the numbers in a randomizer to pick which questions I'm going to answer. ^_^

1) What is your favorite TV show? (Maddy)
Not sure if this is of all time, or I'll say...Gossip Girl because Blake Lively is <insert heart-eyed emoji>. Idk, I just really enjoyed that show!

2) What is your favorite thing to wear? (Rebekah)
Hmm...I absolutely LOVE scarves! :D

3) What character from what show would you want to be for a day? (Brittany)
SERENA VAN DER WOODSEN <more heart-eyed emojis>
Lolz no, I'd actually want to be Phoebe from Friends because she's so carefree and awesome, basically the opposite of me. (;

4) What advice would you give your younger self? (Sam)
Don't be so scared to try new things! Trying new things will make you more confident and will open more doors for you. (:

5) Who is your favorite singer/band? (Maddy)
Right now I'm loving Ellie Goulding, Banks, Maroon 5, Hozier, Glass Animals and Tove Lo. Lol, can you tell it's hard for me to choose just one thing? >.<

6) Tell me something weird about you. (Rebekah)
I have to close the blinds in my room a certain way (facing up) or it'll keep annoying me.

7) What's one thing you would never blog about? (Brittany)
Hmm...I don't know. I'm pretty open about myself but I guess I'd feel a tad bit awkward sharing intimate stuff.

8) Favourite Drugstore brand? (Sam)
I think this is referring to beauty products, if so I don't wear makeup! (-:

9) What social media app is your favorite? (Maddy)
At the moment I'm loving Twitter since I'm getting more involved and making new blogging friends. But I also love Snapchat...not sure if that counts as "social media" though.

10) Where do you get your Blogspiration (blog inspiration)? (Rebekah)
Twitter blogger chats, Pinterest, other bloggers, life. (:

11) Which question was your favorite? (Brittany)
Idk how to answer this...I guess now I'll answer from these questions and then in the follow up post I'll answer based off your questions. Out of these my favorite question was #3 about what character I'd want to be in a show, which actually happens to be one of your questions, haha! (-:

I tried to check if you were nominated before, so if you were nominated I totally get if you don't want to do it again!

Jasmine | Color U Bold [I know you were already nominated but I wanted to nominate you again ;D]
Amina | The All Seeing Lens
Farah | Farah K Ali
Meghan | Got Meghan
Natalie | Natillie
Tess | Simply Being Young
Angela | Blue Skies Fashion
Tessa | Tessays
Ella | My Appellative
Lara | Dots in Gold
Holly | Holly Olivia Creates

1) What's your favorite part about blogging?
2) Who's someone you look up to? (blogging or in your life)
3) What are you listening to right now?
4) What's the best blogging advice you've received?
5) What's one thing you've learned since you started blogging that you'd share as advice to a new blogger?
6) Who is your current man/woman crush?
7) What's one thing you can't live without right now?
8) Three words to describe your blog.
9) What's one thing in your closet you couldn't live without?
10) Biggest blogging pet peeve?
11) Let's end with a simple question: what's your favorite color?!

Thanks again for nominating me guys! I really do see it as quite an honor. (:

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  1. I love Ellie Goulding too! Great answers :)

  2. We have quite a similar music taste! Did you know Tove Lo is Danish like me? Don't know why but felt all patriotic there for a second haha.

    Thanks for tagging me! Been tagged quite a few times, maybe it's time to actually get it done ;)

    Tess x

  3. Ha I have to have the blinds facing up too! They bother me and I think someone is peaking inside if I have them facing down lol


  4. Awww thank you for the nomination!!! I'm such a procrastinator too, I know I've been nominated a couple times but I really want to answers all of yalls questions so maybe I'll do like you and put it in a randomizer! That would be a great idea...yes I will do this! And hopefully I can get to all of the questions in a separate post! I love answering questions and getting to know everyone its so fun!

    Jasmine :)

  5. So glad you were able to do it! Haha wow, you were just wracking up the nominations, huh? Feeling popular over there? =-P

    So cool that you don't wear makeup! // US Lifestyle Blog

  6. I love this post, it's always lovely to know a blogger a little better. Great answers!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  7. She's amazing! :D Thanks and thanks for the nomination! <3

    Lots of Love,

  8. No I didn't...that's awesome! :D Haha, it's no problem! I tried to check if you were tagged before but I definitely think you deserve it. (:

    Lots of Love,

  9. Lol was really crazy. Like I got nominated once and then I got nominated three more times within 2 weeks. o_o I would've posted earlier but I had already planned my posts. Thanks for the nomination! It really means a lot. <3

    Yeah, I just never got into it and our mom didn't let us wear it so there's that too, haha. Too much work for me! My hair is enough of a problem for me in the mornings. ;p

    Lots of Love,

  10. Aww thanks Shireen! (: Glad you enjoyed it!

    Lots of Love,

  11. It's not a problem, and YAY! Lol, can't wait to read the post! :D

    Lots of Love,

  12. Glad to know I'm not the only one! Haha, I have no idea why I have to have them that way, it just feels weird if I don't. (x

    Lots of Love,