Blogmas: Holiday Outfit Ideas (14)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Welcome to Day 14 of Blogmas! If you want to see a running list of my Blogmas posts, you can check them out here. (:

'Tis the season for advent calendars, sales, gift-giving, and, of course, holiday parties! Well, with all the parties going on it's nice to have some different looks set aside, so I thought I'd put together three looks that you could wear, including a casual look, a flirty look, and a formal look. And to spice it up, I've decided to do outfits for girls and guys! Enjoy! (-:

Holiday Comment Challenge #14: 

Have you been to any holiday parties yet? Would you consider wearing any of these outfits?

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  1. I love these looks!!!! I wish I had a holiday party I could go to but at last no one wants to party lol. I love the casual look for the women and the formal look for the man the most...btw that man will be my MCM haha!!!


    1. Thank you! And you don't have to go to a party to dress up. (;
      OMG IKR? His name is Don Benjamin! ;D

      Lots of Love,