Halloweek: Easy, Last Minute Costume Ideas (1)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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This week I've decided to change things up a bit since Halloween is on a Friday this year! I'm going to do a Halloween-themed post every day this week up until Halloween as a part of something I'm calling "Halloweek." I hope you guys enjoy it! Check out my first post of the week: The History of Halloween.
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Halloween is this Friday and if you're a procrastinator like me, you probably haven't decided on a costume yet. Well, don't worry because I have a list of easy, cheap last minute costume ideas just for YOU! (;
I have 3 stages of costumes: Minimal Effort, Lazy and Day Before Halloween Procrastinating Pro. Today we'll go through the first stage and tomorrow we'll go to the Lazy stage!

 Minimal Effort

1) Skeleton

Sources: Left // Right

Yupp, the classic skeleton makeup. (BTW, the guy on the right actually has all that tattooed on!) This look takes minimal effort: you just need some white makeup, black makeup and a black outfit. If you want to make a skeleton looking shirt check out this tutorial.

Not sure how to do your makeup? No problem! There are a bunch of tutorials! Here are some that might be helpful. For girls and for guys.

2) Stick Figure

Sources: Left // Right

Lol, I honestly can't believe I've never thought of this before! This costume is SUPER simple. All you need is a white long sleeve shirt, white pants, a white paper plate, and black duct tape and you're set! I might actually do this...xD

3) Comic Book Character

Sources: Left // Right

Ahh, good ole pop art. It's amazing that you could look like your favorite comic book character in a matter of minutes! All you need: some makeup! Ladies, check out this tutorial or this one and guys here's one for you as well! There are plenty out there so if those aren't the looks you're looking for, just go on YouTube and type in "comic book character makeup" or "pop art makeup."

Some other costume ideas that take minimal effort are Minions, Mime, Vampire, Superhero, etc.

Stay tuned for some more costume ideas! Do any of these appeal to you? Let me know in the comments below!

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