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Sunday, September 07, 2014

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Hello again everyone! So, if you've been reading my blog lately you know that I recently went on a trip to India (here's part 1 and part 2 of my trip). Well, while in India we went shopping for suits, not like a suit and tie suit, but Indian suits. Anywhoo, since Indian fashion is obviously different from Western fashion I thought I'd share some of my knowledge of traditional Indian fashion. Although my knowledge is very limited, I hope you guys enjoy! (-:

P.S.: All the suits shown below are mine except for the lehengas.

Pronounced - Sal•vaa•r Kah•mee•z

Click to enlarge.

A salwar kameez is probably one of the most popular suits. Mostly all suits have a simple version and a fancier version, and the one pictured above is an example of a simpler version. There is also the choice of long sleeves, short sleeves, mid-length, or sleeveless.The mid-length sleeves, shown above, are "in" right now.

If you want to take a closer look at the different parts of the suit, you can click the picture to the right and see it in more detail. This was one of the first suits I chose during my India trip.

Click to enlarge

This salwar kameez is a bit fancier then the first one but it's definitely not the fanciest. I don't like to wear really heavy suits so I chose to go with one that had some design but not too much. Salwar Kameez suits are super comfortable so if you're interested in buying a suit, go with a salwar kameez!

If you want to take a closer look, click the picture to the left. (:

Pronounced - Pah•chaa•mee S•oo•t

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A pajami suit is one of those suits that look nice but aren't very comfortable. The pajami part of the suit can get a bit uncomfortable to sit in because it gets tight but I suppose if you get a looser pajami you should be fine.

This pajami suit is an example of one of the simpler designs. I got this ready-made from a mall in India. Ready-made suits are fine and all but the only drawback is that it won't fit you perfectly. That's why most people choose to get their suits made by tailors.

Click to enlarge

This version of the pajami suit is also pretty simple but it's a different style. This style has the kameez go a little past the knees. It may looks similar to an anarkali (which you'll see next) but the difference is that the kameez of the pajami suit is a bit more like a shirt while the anarkali looks more like a dress.

This longer style is the current trend with pajami suits.

Pronounced - Ah•nar•kah•lee

Click to enlarge

Anarkali suits are usually worn for special occasions like engagement parties or weddings, but there are also simple anarkalis that people wear to temples or just walking around.

This anarkali is one of the fancier ones, but definitely not the fanciest. With anarkalis you also have the options of different sleeve lengths - long, mid, short, or sleeveless. Basically the thing about any kind of suit is that you can customize it however you want.

Although this anarkali is sleeveless, you can also attach sleeves later if you want. Again, very customizable.

Pronounced - Saah•ree

Click to enlarge

Saris are definitely more on the fancier side, but if you watch Indian soap operas you'll see that's basically all that the women wear. Again, there are simple and fancy versions.

This is my first sari I have ever gotten and it's for my cousin's wedding! I really like the colors and the design, even though I didn't think I would ever wear yellow. They're kind of difficult to walk in but they look GORGEOUS, so I guess it's worth it. (;

Pronounced - Leh•n•gaa
(L) Party Lehenga Source // (R) Wedding Lehenga Source

I currently do not own any lehengas so I had to Google some images for ya. Lehengas are for special occasions. I haven't really seen anyone where them anywhere but at engagements or weddings or performances. The lehenga on the left is for anyone to wear but the lehenga on the right is for brides! Lehengas are like a mix between anarkalis and saris.

So here's a little summary for you. All suits are customizable. You can get a simple one or a fancy one, you can choose what length you want the sleeves and the kameez, and of course the style. One of the reasons I love going to India is suit shopping! Even though it can get a bit stressful in the summertime, I'm sure if you go during the cooler months (December-March) it would be better. But if you're not planning on going to India anytime soon but still want to get a suit you can check out these online stores --> Indian ClothstoreKalki Fashion, CBazaar, and Zohraa.

What suit style is your favorite? Would you consider buying one? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Hey, this is a really cool article! It's like a cheat-sheet for people with Indian friends haha... I have a sari from Sri Lanka, and putting it on takes forever.

    1. Lol, glad it was helpful! (-:
      Yeah, I haven't even put it on properly but my mom knows how so that's helpful. xD

      Lots of Love,

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