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Monday, September 15, 2014

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I recently worked with Natalie @ on some guest posts for our blogs. It was my first experience writing a guest post and having someone guest post on my blog. If you haven't read Natalie's post, 'How to Choose a Handbag,' you can check it out here and you can check out my post, 'Fall Essentials,' on Natalie's blog here.

Natalie actually approached me on Reddit back in August about doing a guest post and I was so excited, kind of confused as to why she would want to do a guest post with ME, but super excited nonetheless. It was a long process trying to figure out what to post, when to post it, putting the post together,  and actually trying to figure out how we were supposed to actually post the post.

We both didn't really know what to do when it came to doing a guest post, and I tried to Google it but I couldn't find anything! ;p Maybe I didn't look hard enough but I thought I'd do a post on how to do a guest post based on my guest-posting experience. If you're thinking about doing a guest post, hopefully you'll feel a bit more comfortable going ahead with it.

**DISCLAIMER: I'm no expert on guest posting, this is just based on my experience doing my first guest post.**

The first step is obviously deciding whether or not you want to guest post with the other person. So you should get to know the person you want to do a guest post with by going on their blog and creeping! You would probably do that anyway out of curiosity, but you definitely want to check out their blog and see if they post similar content as you because if they don't there'd be no point in you doing a post on their blog!

After looking at their blog you should decide whether or not you would want to guest post. If you do end up going through with it, it wouldn't hurt to get to know the blogger better. Which leads to my next point: choosing a method of communication.

Choosing a method of communication is definitely important because this is how you're going to keep in touch with the blogger and exchange information about your post. There are various ways of communicating these days: texting, social media, e-mail, instant messaging, etc.

I think the best way to communicate would be through e-mail because it's the easiest way to keep everything in one place and you can easily send the parts of your post. I'm not really sure what other alternatives there are that would be probable.

After you've decided you're going to go through with the guest post, you've done your research and you've decided on a method of communication it's time to pick your topic! Talk to the other person and pitch some ideas you guys have. Once you've brainstormed a little you guys can decide which topic would best suit each of your readers.

Now you get to start writing your post! I would recommend putting together the whole post as if it were for your blog and then going back and making the necessary adjustments for the post to fit the other person's blog. One mistake I made was making all my backgrounds white when Natalie's blog background is pink! So make sure you keep in mind that this post is going up on someone else's blog.

Next you need to exchange the materials for your post: the writing and the pictures. You guys can decide amongst yourselves what would be easiest, however, I recommend sending all your text in a Word document and then sending your pictures as attachments. Then, if you were putting the post together on your blogging platform, you can go to a preview of the post and send a screenshot of how you want your post to look. This way the other person has an idea of what you want your post to look like.

The first time I sent my post materials I just sent the HTML code because Natalie and I both use Blogger, but we soon found out that the alignment was all off, so unless you are very familiar with code, I'd suggest sending your post through a Word document. Another mistake I made was that I accidentally made the pictures to the scale of my blog, instead of sending the original sizes so Natalie could have them fit her blog.

So basically here's how you should send your materials:
1) Send all of your text via Word document.
2) Send all of your pictures (in their original size) via Attachments.
3) Send a screenshot of how you want your post to look.

And the most important part, posting! You guys should coordinate what day you're planning to post so you can link back to each other's posts within your posts. (I hope that makes sense!) You could even build up some excitement via social media by letting your followers know that you will be having a guest post on your blog by [insert person's name here]. Then once the guest posts are posted you should let your followers know! (:

Those are just a few of the things I learned from my first guest post. I hope this post helps any of you who are starting their very first guest post. If you have any questions/comments/other helpful tips let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Hey Manpreet,
    I think it's cool you made a post about this! Thanks for the shoutout on your blog too haha.
    I wish someone else had written this post before we exchanged posts so we wouldn't have been so clueless :P
    Just kidding.
    Anyways, keep up the good work on your blog :D