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Sunday, May 18, 2014

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I've been feeling quite nostalgic lately. Instead of jumping on the couch with some junk food and watching Netflix all day, I wanted to play some board games. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through my social media sites, I wanted to go outside and do something. Instead of sitting in the family room and watching TV while I ate, I wanted to sit at the dining table and just talk. Basically, I wanted to get away from technology for a while so that's what I did. We played board games and card games, we played cricket outside with the family, and we sat at the dining table and had actual conversations.

All of this made me think how different kids these days are from when I was little. Now this change was obviously going to happen, but I guess I'm just now realizing how much has changed in just 19 years! I'm not saying technology is a bad thing (I probably couldn't live without my phone), but it's nice to not be so dependent on it all the time. It's nice to know that I can go a weekend without having to check my Instagram and Twitter feeds. Now I didn't just quit cold turkey, I did sneak a peek at my social media once in a while, but not as much as I usually do. Now that I think about it, I was alive back when technology was just entering the mainstream and now, when technology is playing such a major role in our lives and it's really amazing to live through the transition.

I thought it'd be fun to just compare some things that have changed from "back in the day." (P.S.: I was born in the mid-90's).

- Wake up super early to watch Saturday                               - Record shows on our DVR and watch them
   morning cartoons.                                                               when it's convenient.

- Go to the park and play with other kids.                               - Play on our iPads and tablets.

- Having to ask permission to go on the                                   - Having access to Internet almost anywhere
  Internet because you had to disconnect                                  because of the wonders of WiFi and smart
  the phone line to get access.                                                   phones (3G, 4G, etc.).

- Going over to a friends house and saying                               - Going over to a friends house and asking
   hello.                                                                                   for the WiFi password.

- Eating dinner at the table with your family.                             - Eating dinner in front of a T.V.

- Secretly passing notes to your friends in                                - Texting or tweeting your friends in class.

- Trying to get the timer on the camera to                                - Selfies!
   work so everyone could be in the picture.

These are just a few things I remember doing when I was a kid versus things I see kids doing today. I'm also guilty of a lot of things on the right, but lately I just don't have as much of an interest in technology. It's hard to explain because without technology I wouldn't be sitting here writing this blog post, this would probably just go in my journal instead.

It's just that I see kids that can't go 5 minutes without checking their phone. Like this one teenager was doing her homework and she did a couple problems and then was on her phone for at least 20 minutes before returning to her homework. Then she did a couple more and then returned to her phone. It just feels like we're living our lives from behind a screen instead of living in the moment. I'm not saying technology is a bad thing, just something we need to keep in check.

I've seen a couple really interesting videos that have opened my eyes about technology and how much time we devote to it: Video 1 // Video 2

Just some food for thought. Let me know what you think in the comments below, and try to live your life in the moment, not from behind a screen.

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