Monthly Favorites: March 2014.

Friday, April 04, 2014

I've seen a lot of people do their monthly favorites on Youtube and other blogs, but they usually talk about their favorite makeup or clothes, and since I don't wear makeup, or have the greatest sense of fashion, I decided to do some generic monthly favorites. To see my February favorites you can click here. Enjoy! (:

FALLINLOVE2NITE - Prince ft. Zooey                                                   Deschanel
Ever since I heard this song on the New Girl episode I've been hooked. I've never really listened to much of Prince but I think I might start after this song. To be honest he sounds like a girl to me, but a girl with an awesome voice! And I didn't think Zooey Deschanel actually sang. I mean I know she does the beginning for New Girl, but I never really noticed how good her voice was.'s just an awesome, up beat/laid back, fun song that is just extremely catchy!

According to, Prince is coming out with a full-length album called Plectrum Electrum and is having a tour that starts Sunday, April 14th.

Grudge Match came out in December 2013 and is an awesome movie! (:

First of all, it has Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro, AND Kevin can you go wrong?!

Secondly, it's a great mix of comedy, action, drama, and romance.

Thirdly, you should definitely watch it after you're finished reading this post. (;

Grudge Match is about two boxing legends, Billy "Kid" McDonnen (played by De Niro) and Henry "Razor" Sharp (played by Stallone), who started out as best buds and ended up with a rivalry that has lasted for 30 years. Their last match up ended in a tie and Kid never got over it. Now they have the opportunity to have a re-match and see who is the best boxer, once and for all. How will it end? Who wins? Watch to find out! (:

It's about that awkward time of the year again when it's 60°F and sunny one day and 30°F and snowing the next. Because of the weather change I haven't really had any staples, other than a light jacket. I'm just ready for the warm weather! 

Ever heard of Teens React, Youtuber's React, Kids React, or Elders React? Well this brilliant idea was thought up and brought to life by the Fine Bros., Benny and Rafi Fine.

I started watching their vidoes a while back and I've been hooked ever since! They have a Teens React or Kids React episode every Sunday, Youtuber's React, Elder's React, or Spoilers every Thursday, and Fine Time or Bonus Youtuber's React every Saturday. They also do other series like MyMusic and Emo Dad.

For their react vidoes they always have interesting topics to discuss as suggested by their subscribers via comments. My favorite ones to watch are definitely Elder's React because it's interesting to see how the older generation reacts to things that we find interesting or funny like this episode where they react to "Grind on Me" Vines. Have you ever watched any of the Fine Bros. videos? If you have, let me know what some of your favorite videos are below. If not, check out their channel here. (:

Joelle @ February Girl has quickly become one of my favorite bloggers for a bunch of reasons.

1) She posts regularly and always has great content.

2) You can see her personality through her writing, which makes her blog more personal and relatable.

3) She posts what she wants to post.

4) Her posts are always interesting. Even if it's just a review of a product, she puts her own twist on it.

5) Have I mentioned that she's a great blogger?

The list goes on, but I've honestly gained a lot of inspiration from Joelle's blog. I'm never bored when I'm on her blog (which is a lot!) and she seems like an awesome person too! If you haven't checked out her blog yet, you should go now! (:

And there it is! Another month has flown by...I can't believe it's already April! I'll probably be saying that about every month, but I honestly can't believe it. I feel like time flies faster and faster the older you get. o_o

Anyways, what have been some of YOUR March favorites? Let me know in the comments below! (:

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