Monthly Favorites: February 2014.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

I've seen a lot of people do their monthly favorites on Youtube and in the blogosphere, but most of them seem to just include clothes and makeup. Since I don't wear makeup and don't have the greatest sense of fashion, I thought I'd just do some generic favorites. Hope you enjoy! (:

I've discovered a lot of new music this month but my favorite discovery would have to be Haim. They're sound is just so different from what I have heard and I just get so happy whenever I listen to them!

My favorite song so far would have to be a tie between The Wire and Go Slow from their 2013 album, Days Are Gone.

I can see myself listening to them in the summertime with my windows rolled down and my hair blowing in the wind. (;

Now I don't go to the theatres much, so I end up watching old movies that I never really got the chance to watch when they first came out.

Honestly, I didn't really have any desire to watch Safe Haven at first because all I kept thinking was, 'oh it's another Nicholas Sparks movie.' But it kept popping up on my reccomended movies on Netflix, plus it had Josh Duhamel in it, so I thought, why not?

Let's just say I'm glad I watched it! :D

There's a definite plot twist in and it's an overall interesting movie. I'd describe it as a mystery/romance. It does get kind of slow at some parts but wait it out 'til the won't regret it!

Here in the Midwest we've had an unexpectedly harsh winter and it's continuing over into March. ):
But with the temperature in the negatives and continuous snow storms, layers and boots have become my best friends! Here are four of my staples for this winter.

Leather Jacket
Infinity Scarf
Combat Boots
Oversized Sweater

I haven't had much time to watch YouTube lately, but when I do have time I always look to see if Zoella has a new video up!

I have no idea what it is about her, but she's just so fun to watch. You can check out her YouTube channel here.

She also writes a blog ( and is the reason why I started mine! (: She's definitely worth checking out!

Now I haven't been in the blogosphere long, but Danielle @ Underland to Wonderland has quickly become one of my favorite bloggers!

She always has interesting blog posts and such a vibrant personality. I haven't really taken the initiative to get to know her very well, but she seems like an awesome person. (:

One of my favorite blog post series that she does is her "Weekly Wonderings," where she answers interesting questions from a set of 365. I also find her "Who Do They Think You Are?" quite interesting. Basically, there's a picture of a person and a comparison of what someone assumes of that person to the actual facts. If you haven't checked out her blog yet, you should definitely go check it out now!

And there it is, my first monthly favorites! What are some of your favorites from the above categories? Let me know in the comments below!

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