25 Days of Christmas (3)

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

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I honestly love the holiday season. I love decorating the house, putting up the Christmas lights, and my favorite part...putting up the Christmas tree! We've had this little four foot tall tree since I can remember and each year we like to do something different with it. 

We always have all of our decorations tucked into a closet until Thanksgiving time. We usually put up the tree right after Thanksgiving but we were so busy that we just decided to put it up today! (:

This year my little sister and I went to work and in about 20 minutes we had this up!

I've always wanted a tall white fake Christmas tree, but I guess this little green tree will have to do for now! Do you have your tree up? I would love to see it! :D Stay tuned to see more of my decorations and other Christmas tree related stuff. (;

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