25 Days of Christmas (21)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

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I was originally going to do another homemade present DIY sort of thing, but I didn't have time to go get the materials in time, so I thought I'd just link you guys to some other great DIY posts! (: If you want to see my last homemade present post click here.

1) Beeswax Candles: Have a friend who absolutely LOVES candles? Why not try out this homemade candle recipe from abeautifulmess.com? It's all natural and looks great!

2) Gift Card Snow Globe: Did you get someone a gift card but don't just want to hand them an envelope? Why not disguise it in a....snowglobe! If you think about it, you'd be giving them two gifts in one! Visit thecreativemama.com for instructions!

3) Candy Cane Body Scrub: Not have time to go get a really nice body scrub for your friend? Why not make your own? Try out this candy cane body scub recipe from savvysugar.com and you're friend will definitely be thanking you!

4) Vintage Bookmarks: Have a friend who loves to read? Why not give her a cute bookmark to use? Visit countryliving.com to see how to make this vintage bookmark!

5) 52 Reasons I Love You: Have a deck of cards laying around? Why not use it to bring a smile to someone's face? In naturesheirloom's tutorial, you can see how to transform your regular deck of cards into a great gift for someone special!

6) Wall Art: Have a set of lyrics your friend likes? Why not make art out of it?! Go to abeautifulmess.com to see how to transform your friend's favorite lyrics into art!

7) Chalkboard: This is just a cute little project that can make use of your old picture frames. It looks great and you can use it for anything you want from doodling to grocery lists. Visit thecreativityexchange.com for instructions!

8) Memory Display: This sentimental gift can put a smile on anyone's face! It's inexpensive and meaningful...what more could you ask for? (-: Visit orlandosbestdeals.com for instructions!

9) Mix Tape/CD: I know this is a bit old school but it can still be a great gift in today's age, I mean who doesn't like music? Wanna learn how to make one? Visit instructables.com!

10) The Gift of Giving: Not really crafty? Why not give someone the opportunity to make a difference with a organization they support? Visit thegiftofgiving.com for more information.

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