25 Days of Christmas (20)

Friday, December 20, 2013

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It's almost Christmas and you might still be doing some last-minute Christmas shopping (I know I am!) so I thought I'd just mention some cheap stocking stuffer ideas to finish off the holidays right! (: (DISCLAIMER: NONE OF THE PICTURES BELOW ARE MINE UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED)

1) Candy: You can't go wrong with candy, I especially love the chocolate coins! (-:
2) Socks: Although most don't really ask for socks for Christmas, nobody can have too many socks! (;
3) For girls: Nail polish, scented lotions, jewelry, bath bombs, lip gloss, phone cases, etc.
Images from Google

4) For guys: Wallet, boxers, belt, beanie, flask, after shave, etc.
Images from Google
5) Surprise Balls: These are super neat, basically you get a whole bunch of little things and wrap them with crepe paper, piling them on top of each other until there's like a ball shape. Oh wow, that was a terrible explanation...you can see what I'm talking about honestlywtf. Mine however didn't turn out all nice and pretty, it actually turned out lopsided so I made it into a surprise tree! ;p
The left is what it's supposed to look like and the right is what mine ended up like...

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