25 Days of Christmas (1)

Sunday, December 01, 2013

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So this is kind of awkward but I don't really celebrate "Christmas." I mean I celebrate the idea of Christmas, just not in the religious sense. As in I give and receive presents, I just don't celebrate the birth of Christ because I'm not of Christian faith, I'm a Sikh. Sorry if that sounds confusing.

Basically, we hang Christmas lights outside, put up a Christmas tree, put presents under the tree, leave cookies for Santa and wait up until midnight on Christmas Eve to open presents!

We don't really have any traditions that we stick to every year, other than waiting up to open presents. We don't even go all out on presents; most of them are homemade because before this year, the only people in our family who had cars were my parents so if we did want to go get presents, we would end up seeing what we bought each other.

This year might be different because I do have a car now but I'm still a broke college student so we'll see what happens!

How do you celebrate Christmas? Let me know in the comments below!

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