Online Wishlist Cont'd (6)

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

I started this type of wishlist post because I quickly discovered how addicting online shopping is! To read the previous post click here. I haven't done one in a while so I thought it was about time to go through the millions of items I have saved to my wishlists. (;

Idle Gossip Cardi - $68.00
Magic Unicorn Mask - $29.95
SADIE Lazercut Peep Toe Heels - $160.00
Harry Potter House Scarves - $29.99
Denim Vested Hoodie - $69.95
This was a more random wishlist post but I haven't really had time to go on Wanelo, Pinterest or Etsy in a while so I just chose some of my favorites! xD What are some weird things on your wishlist? Let me know! (:

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