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Saturday, November 16, 2013

(Bold --> My Favorites)

Album: Matangi - M.I.A.
Genre: Alternative
1) Karmageddon
3) Only 1 U
4) Warriors
5) Come Walk With Me
6) aTENTion
7) Exodus ft. The Weeknd
8) Bad Girls
9) Boom Skit
10) Double Bubble Trouble
11) Y.A.L.A.
12) Bring The Noize
13) Lights
14) Know It Ain't Right
15) Sexodus ft. The Weeknd

My Thoughts: I L-O-V-E this album! I just really love M.I.A.'s voice and her songs are just so different from what I normally listen to that it's something nice and fresh. (: I feel like you either love her or hate her because her voice is so distinct. I don't know though, just my opinion!

Album: Me, You & The Music - Jessica Sanchez
Genre: Pop
1) Right To Fall
2) Tonight ft. Ne-Yo
3) Don't Come Around
4) Crazy Glue
5) No One Compares ft. Prince Royce
6) In Your Hands
7) Plastic Roses
8) Drive By
9) You've Got The Love
10) Gentlemen
11) No One Compares - Spanglish Version ft. Prince Royce

My Thougths: This album is very poppy and Jessica Sanchez's voice reminds me of a mix between Rihanna and Beyonce...if that tells you anything about her! (-: I'm not totally in love but it's good to listen to now and again or as background music.

Album: Avril Lavigne - Avril Lavigne
Genre: Pop
1) Rock N Roll
2) Here's to Never Growing Up
3) 17
4) Bitchin' Summer
5) Let Me Go ft. Chad Kroeger
6) Give You What You Like
7) Bad Girl ft. Marilyn Manson
8) Hello Kitty
9) You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
10) Sippin' On Sunshine
11) Hello Heartache
12) Falling Fast (probably my fave)
13) Hush Hush

My Thoughts: Who doesn't like a good Avril Lavigne song now and again?! I haven't heard a Avril song in ages but she sounds exactly like she sounded before, which is still awesome. (: Again I'm not in love but you can't go with Avril Lavigne, come on.

Album: Word of Mouth - The Wanted
Genre: Pop
1) We Own The Night
2) In The Middle
3) Running Out Of Reasons
4) I Found You
5) Show Me Love (America)
6) Walks Like Rihanna
7) Summer Alive
8) Glad You Came
9) Glow In The Dark
10) Demons
11) Could This Be Love
12) Everybody Knows
13) Love Sewn
14) If We're Alright
15) Drunk On Love
16) Heartbreak Story

My Thoughts: Another boyband...yes it's true. Although I don't really like them, I can't help how catchy their songs are! ;p That's all really...

AND THERE IT IS! So much new music coming out, I'm getting excited! I still need to listen to Art Pop by Lady Gaga and I'm still waiting for Lana Del Rey and Marina & The Diamonds to come out with a new album...-_- What new music are you loving/hating? Let me know!

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