My College Experience So Far...

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

I'm incredibly sorry I didn't do a Snapshot Sunday post this Sunday! I've been so busy with college that it totally slipped my mind to take pictures for my blog. So instead, you guys get a double-post on Monday! (: 

So in case you guys didn't know before, I just recently started my freshman year at college (or university in some countries...or I think every other country other than America) on August 19, 2013. I honestly cannot believe it's already been two weeks! My experience so far hasn't been too exciting but it's definitely a new one!

The first thing that hit me on my first day of college was "this is really happening..." I honestly couldn't grasp the idea of college until I walked into my first lecture. The room was HUGE, with at least 70-100 seats. As I walked down to the third row, I noticed two huge screens in the front of the room with "MATH M119" written across the top, followed by the schedule for the day. This is when I realized that I was about to sit in a lecture for about an hour and fifteen minutes with people I had never met, in a school with thousands upon thousands of new faces, and I was alone, just beginning my journey.

Well, I'm happy to say that I have made a couple new friends but it is A LOT harder than it was in high school. In high school I had known or at least seen most of the people for at least 4-7 years. Now in college it's like I have to start all over, scratch that, I do have to start all over. I'm an awkward, shy, introverted person for the most part so having to start a conversation isn't really my forte, although, if I do get a conversation started I can start connecting with people pretty easily, it's just starting that's the hard part. ;p

Another thing that's been hard to get adjusted to is PARKING. I never drove to high school because my parents are overly-protective and didn't want me driving to school all by myself, so driving to college was definitely a new experience...especially since the campus is located in an urban setting. However, after driving by myself for about two days I think I'll be able to get adjusted rather long as I leave at least an hour and a half early. (:

College homework is SO totally different from high school homework. It's not that it's necessarily harder, but since my classes are all spread out across the week I have to stay caught up on which assignments are due when for which classes. (That sounds confusing...>.<) Basically, I have to make sure I know when assignments are due and stay on track. I didn't really figure this out (even though my sister told me that it's easy to fall behind) until the end of my first week. ;p But I can say that I have caught up and am staying on track so far. (:

Although, there have been somethings that have been hard to get adjusted to, there have also been some really easy adjustments, like having all my classes start after 12 p.m.! I absolutely LOVE not having to wake up at 6 a.m. to get ready for school! (: I also love the fact that I get to choose which classes I want to take. Yeah I got to choose my classes for high school, but college has a wide variety of classes you can take from "History of Rock and Roll" to "Zumba"! Another thing I love is that you can have food whenever you want and you're running on your time for the most part.

I don't want to make this post too long so I'll just end it at that! So far college has been great! I'm learning new things everyday and loving it even more as the days go by. I'll update you guys with some pictures and such as the year goes on. Also, on a side note, I can't believe it's already September! o;

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