Mix N' Match!

Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm SO sorry I haven't been able to post anything this week! ): I usually have a Thankful Thursday, Saturday Vibe, and Snapshot Sunday post but it's been a super crazy week for me and Blogger was messing up on me. So today instead of doing just a Snapshot Sunday post, I thought I'd do a mix of all three posts that I missed out on this week. I hope you guys enjoy and I apologize again!

So on Monday, Miley Cyrus premiered her music video for Wrecking Ball. I personally love the song and don't really care for the music video (which is usually how I feel about a lot of songs I like). When I first watched the video it was pretty disturbing (it still is kinda creepy when I watch it now!) but I feel like some of the parts of the video felt genuine, even though her acting wasn't so great. I don't know what it is but it just tugged on my heart strings and I guess it was my love for the song that made me overlook the terrible video. I just don't think licking a hammer and swinging on a ball naked with your tan lines so obvious was necessary. I feel like the concept was there but the execution was horrific.

Tuesday was a big day for Apple lovers everywhere: it was when Apple revealed the two new iPhones and actually explained iOS 7. The two new iPhones Apple came out with were the iPhone 5C (a little better than the 5 but cheaper than the 5S, also pictured above) and the iPhone 5S (better camera, longer battery life, also comes in gold). Both iPhones will be available on Friday September 20. iOS 7 will be available on Wednesday September 18 and I'm SUPER excited for it. Although the look is totally different from what I'm used to with my iPhone, I'm excited to see how all the new features play out. (:

12 years ago on September 11, terrorist planes crashed into the New York World Trade Center, destroying both towers within two hours and killing 2, 997 civilians. I was only in the first grade when this tragedy struck, so I wasn't old enough to remember what exactly happened that day, but I do know what a great loss we suffered that day in the United States of America. Not only did we lose almost 3,000 innocent people, but we also lost our sense of security. I try to take some time every 9/11 to reflect on what happened that day, and to be thankful for what I have today because you never know if it'll be your last.

Thursday was the second night of the two-night premiere of the X-Factor USA, and you could say I was kind of excited. X-Factor is by-far my favorite singing competition and just love how it's produced and the way they run the show. I do have to say that I'm glad Mario Lopez is hosting this year because Khloe Kardashian was super awkward. This month and next month are also going to be awesome because all my favorite shows are coming back like New Girl, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries!

So this Friday was Friday the Thirteenth AND Insidious: Chapter 2 came out AND Hanna Haunted Acres opened. You could say it was a pretty exciting day. I haven't seen Insidious 2 yet nor have I been to any haunted houses but I get excited with just the thought of doing both! xD Although I am a scaredy cat, I love the adrenaline rush I get from a good scary movie. (: Also it was a great day because I got to pull out my sweater...FALL IS COMING! :DD

Saturday and Sunday our cousins stayed over and we just had some family time. (:

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, it's a little different than my usual posts, but I feel like I had to do something to make up for  missing a weeks worth of posts! I guess I didn't realize how busy college would make me but I'm going to try my best to keep up my blog. If I feel like I can't do both I might have to take a mini-break from blogging but I really hope it doesn't come to that. ): Hope you guys have had an amazing week, though! <3

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