Thursday, June 06, 2013

"Each day I am thankful for: nights that turned into morning, friends that turned into family, dreams that turned into reality and likes that turned into love." - Unknown

Graduating has been the biggest milestone of my life so far and after experiencing such a huge event, I realized why I started these Thankful Thursday posts; it's because I wanted to make sure that, if not everyday, at least one day of the week I would be thankful for everything that I have in my life.

When you graduate high school you begin to realize that your life is changing. All of your friends and classmates are going to different colleges to pursue their dreams, including you. After a couple days it really hits you: you won't see the same group of people everyday for the rest of your life, the same group of people that you spent almost 12 years with. 

That feeling you get when you realize you graduated is so bittersweet; on one hand you just finished 12 years of hard work to go on to bigger and better things, on the other hand you're leaving behind everything that you know and are familiar with. It's really the scariest thing I've had to face. It's a bit dramatic, I know, but I'm not saying that you'll never speak to the same people again, it just won't be the same, and that doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. 

College is meant to be the place where you discover yourself and separate the people that will stay in your life and those who won't. I'm definitely scared but I'm also excited. I'm excited to see what college is like, the people I'll meet, and the person I become. I want to go out and try new things, to breakaway from being the shy, introverted person that I am and put myself out there. I want to be able to make a difference in the world with my writing. I want to be able to create goals and then prove to myself that I can achieve them.

I'm thankful for everything. I'm thankful for my friends, my family, my teachers, my high school, the roof over my head, the meals I get to eat, the clothes in my closet, technology, and even the air I breathe. I'm thankful that I've had the resources to be able to get as far as I have and the resources I'll have in the future to fulfill my dreams. 

I just don't want to take things for granted and still live my life to the fullest. I hope you guys all have something to be thankful for and if you think you don't, be thankful that you're here, that you're alive and that you're awesome! (;

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