Native: One Republic

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Genre: Pop/Rock

1. Counting Stars
2. If I Lose Myself
3. Feel Again
4. What You Wanted
5. I Lived
6. Light It Up
7. Can't Stop
8. Au Revoir
9. Burning Bridges
10. Something I Need
11. Preacher
12. Don't Look Down
13. Something's Gotta Give
14. Life in Color

Anytime I hear a song by One Republic there is a 99.9% that I will love it! There's just something about their music that I can relate to. I've already listened to this album three or four times and I'll probably listen to it a thousand more times.

Their newest album, Native, is more rock than pop which is probably why I love it so much! But their music is just so...I can't even put it into words. My favorite songs off their album (although it's hard to choose) would be Feel Again, Burning Bridges, and Can't Stop. The album has some slow songs and some upbeat songs, like usual.

It's really difficult for me to describe how great their album is, so all I can say is give it a listen! :D I promise, you won't regret it!

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