Tuesday, March 05, 2013

A look at the latest interesting news stories around the world.

1. Bullying leads to the tragic death of a 12-year-old.

         A fractured nose, a concussion and seizures caused by bullying in a Philadelphia school led Bailey O'Neill to be put in a medically induced coma.

         Bailey was taken off of life support on Sunday, the day after his 12th birthday. Can you imagine being bullied to death? To read more about this tragedy click here.

2. Ghost marriages?
          Four men in China were recently arrested for digging up corpses of women and selling them as brides for ghost marriages. Ghost marriages are when a dead single man is buried with a wife for the afterlife. Marriage is very important in Chinese culture so a few rare families continue this practice for their sons who died single.
         The four men were sentenced to 28-32 months in prison for taking advantage of this tradition. Officials say that they made a total of $39,000 for selling 10 corpses! To read more click here.

3. Man fakes kidnapping to avoid girlfriend.

          Imagine seeing a beat up man duct taping his hands together to fake a kidnapping.
          Well, New York police walked up on Rahmell Pettaway, 36, between two cars looking like he had been badly beaten. He claimed that he had been kidnapped last month....except the roll of duct tape hanging from his wrists showed otherwise.
           Pettaway admits to faking the kidnapping so he wouldn't have to face his girlfriend after he had ignored her calls for a couple weeks. To read more click here.

4. Sinkholes becoming more common?
         Well, I'm not sure I know the answer to that question but they do seem to be making more frequent appearances. Last Thursday a sinkhole opened up underneath a sleeping man's bed in Florida. It was about 30ft. wide and 60ft. deep!
          According to National Geographic, the 2010 sinkhole in Guatemala took up about a block and swallowed a three story building!
           Sinkholes can be caused by heavy rainfall but they are quite spontaneous. Click here to read about more crazy sinkhole stories.
5. New Samsung Galaxy phone may be able to be controlled by your eyes!

         With it's unveiling on March 14, the new Samsung Galaxy S IV may be able to be controlled by nothing but your eyes. With a new feature called "eye scrolling", users will be able to scroll down their phone with nothing but their eyes. As the smart phone detects the users eyes have reached the bottom of the screen, it will automatically scroll down to keep up with the user. To read more click here.

I hope you guys enjoyed these crazy news stories! Comment below and let me know your thoughts and keep doing what you do!

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