Monday, March 04, 2013

Today's topic: Gay Marriage

Disclaimer: These are all my own opinions unless otherwise stated. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions so if you disagree don't be afraid to tell me your views in the comments below.
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My opinion:
The fact that the idea of legalizing gay marriage is still floating around is ridiculous. Who are we to tell anyone who they can or cannot marry?

Last time I checked, we cannot control who we love and I firmly believe that no one has the authority to tell you who you can or cannot marry. If two guys get married or two girls get married, how is that going to affect the world? Sure they can't reproduce but I don't think humans are going extinct any time soon.

I understand that everyone has their own beliefs, both personal and religious, but how does that affect laws that everyone abides by? It shouldn't. The first amendment states,"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." This is why we don't have prayer in public schools but that doesn't stop you from praying at home or a church right? So for those of you with a religious reason that gays should not be allowed to get married, it is not relevant to the legalization of gay marriage. Each and every person has their own religious beliefs which is why you can't say that just because you don't believe in gay marriage the world shouldn't allow it.

Plus I'm pretty sure the United States has many more pressing concerns than deciding whether or not two people can get married, like our $16.6 trillion (and growing) debt. I honestly don't see the harm legalizing gay marriage will cause other than a few disgruntled people acting out. Let people love whomever they want. Love is love.

What is your view on gay marriage? Comment below or feel free to email me/tweet at me. Keep doing what you do!

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